The first AP* Computer Science MOOC that blends online learning with inĀ­-person support.


Learn computer science with
a community of students at no cost.

Enroll in Amplify AP CS starting Fall 2014.

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Schools & Teachers

Provide a College Board-approved
AP Computer Science course to your students.

Get everything you need to offer Amplify AP CS Plus at your school.

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A computer science MOOC for any student

Our fast-paced course is equivalent to an introductory college programming class. Students will learn the basics of Java, a popular object-oriented language. This is a fun, interactive and challenging course, available to any student at no cost.

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We love this course. The student experience has been great.
Online advanced electives are good for us because we don't have
teachers or class size to make it work normally.
Teacher, California

An AP Computer Science course designed for schools

We provide a blended solution: a complete curriculum that is taught online by a master AP high school computer science teacher, plus in-person training and support for your staff and students throughout the course. All course materials are included.

  • Data and analytics to
    monitor students' activity

    Web-based tracking tools show your students' progress and performance in a dashboard and detailed view.

  • Professional development
    for your in-school coach

    Our on-site training works with your coach to explore strategies for supporting self-directed, online learning.

  • Ongoing training
    and support

    A dedicated forum for school coaches and continued professional development are available yearlong.

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